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Corey "dice" Daniel's 1986-1988 Samurai Wiring Diagram (In COLOR!)

Dice has put a great deal of effort in converting the hum-drum Samurai wiring diagram into something that is a lot easier to read and understand. Each circuit is color-coded with the factory colors. The wiring color legend is in large easy-to-read text. As a bonus, the generic Clicky Starter wiring diagram modification has been included. Feel free To PM dice at and show your appreciation!

The 86-88 Samurai Wiring Diagram is generic enough for you to deal with most electrical problems on your Samurai. If you are having engine wiring problems, check out the engine wiring diagrams at Ack's FAQ by doing a search for diagram.

In order for this drawing to be easy to read, it has been enlarged to the point that you would need a special large-format printer to print it out on one sheet of paper. You can print it out on 8.5" x 11" paper and paste it together. I would suggest viewing this schematic on a PC where you can get the detail and take notes for whatever mods or troubleshooting that you might be doing

If you want, you can save the drawing to your PC using the following steps:

Place you mouse cursor anywhere on the drawing.
Right-click your mouse to bring up a windows drop-down window.
Highlight "Save Picture as..."
Use the "Save Picture" window to save the diagram on your PC.
(Mac users - I assume that you are looking down upon us lowly PC users with distain and do not need instructions...)