Welcome to the Ack's Sales Store!

First, the fine print...

All Items are priced with shipping included to the US and Canada. Shipping to other countries will be quoted before payment is accepted and the product is shipped.

Custom designs are available at additional costs with quotes provided before an order is taken.

Unless otherwise specified, all items are printed using colorFabb Amphora co-polyester filament developed by Eastman - originally a part of Eastman Kodak. This product offers superior durability required for small-volume additive printing parts production.

Colors and items may become temporarily backordered due to material availability and time constraints.

All the items in the store were designed by me - carefully laid out and printed countless time until optimum fit and finish was achieved. I went though a lot of filamant to make these products what they are now.

In addition, these items don't simply pop out of the 3D printer every 17.5 seconds like a hot cup of Earl Grey to suit Picard's taste.

It takes time and expensive equipment to make this stuff. Time measured in hours, not minutes and seconds. Item are printed with expensive equipment printers that print objects down to tenths of a millimeter (ie - REALLY SMALL).

That said, I know Zukers are a thrifty lot but if you want a product that gets the job done, sometimes you have to pay for it. I try to price these products to meet the target market (you guys and gals) but I have to pay the bills, too.

I do not expect that you will have problems with the function of any particular item - each part was carefully designed and tested to ensure durability and proper function. If you do have a problem, please contact me directly via Facebook Messenger (Jim Cambron) or by email (ack@acksfaq.com) and I will make every effort to work with you to gain your satisfaction.

If you decide to take your problem to the Internet Court of Public Opinion (eg. post a complaint directly in a forum or in public media) first, then all bets are off.

Now that I have provided you with all the fine print, lets get to the Order catalog!

Ack's "No Brainer" Plug and Play LED Headlight Harness
Lite Version: $45.95 Shipped
Clicky Starter version: $57.95
Shipping to Continental US/Canada only.

Select Harness Version

All the heavy lifting has been done for you when you convert to energy-efficient LED headlamps using Ack's Plug and Play LED Headlight Harness! This harness is wired to reverse the current flow so that the LED headlights (not included) that you choose WILL work at the end of the installation.

It is LITERALLY Plug and Play! Simply mount the 3D-printed relay board on the edge of the passenger front fender as pictured above, route and secure the driver's side of the harness, install the relays in their sockets, connect the power and ground wires to the battery (there is already an inline fuse on the positive cable) then plug the Passenger headlamp socket into the socket on the relay board.

The only thing left to do is mount the LED headlights (some modifications to the Samurai headlight mounting system may be required to fit your LED headlamps).

There is also a version that includes a third relay assembled with all the associated wiring and connectors necessary to add a "Clicky Starter" relay system to your Samurai!

Instructions located here are also included to show you how to connect built-in turn signal and DRL lights if your LED headlamps are so equipped.

Ack's Custom Dash Clock
Clock only 19.95 Shipped
Clock with 2-amp. USB charging port $24.95 Shipped
Shipping to Continental US/Canada only.

Clock Options
Have you always wanted a dash-mounted clock in your round-vent Samurai?
Did your old clock die on you?

Here is your replacement - with even more functional features than the original!

This clock is programmed to display 24-hour time, temperature (in Centigrade) and battery voltage all in one unit!

Plus, you can also get a version that has a 2 amp. USB charger built into the clock!

Both versions can be mounted in the round fresh air vents or you can use the existing center clock mounting position to mount your clock!

Both versions comes with a power cable, a paper template for cutting the mount hole, wiring instructions with splice connectors and simple-to-follow instructions describing how to program your new dash clock!

Installation instructions can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Ack's 3D printed Door Handle plates (Sold in sets of 2)
25.95 Shipped
Shipping to Continental US/Canada only.

Handle plate Colors

color/feature combinations

At last! a sturdy, dimensionally precise aftermarket replacement for your OEM Samurai door handle backing plates! 3D printing technology adds strength to the places where OEM backing plates often break!

Each pair is made of durable Eastman co-polyester filament produced by colorFabb.

Available in Black, Orange and Red with or without contrasting "Lock" lettering.

Ack's 3D printed Cup Holder for Gen 1/Gen 2 Samurai dashboards $29.95 Shipped to Continental US/Canada only.

Round Hole Arm length/Color
2nd Generation mount Arm length/Color

The Samurai Cupholder system comes in:

       two arm styles - short for the Driver's side mount and long to clear the grab bar on the passenger's side
       Three Colors - Black, Orange and Red
       Two mounting systems Round for Pre - 1988.5 round vents and a square patch for the center cnsole (driver's side only) for 1988.5 to 1995 Samurais.
Note: Some assembly required. Due to shipping rules, adhesives (eg. CrazyGlue) not included. Cutting the console on the '88.5 to '95 center console is required for fitment. Adhesives like SuperGlue or hot glue are required to attach the Square Mount.

Ack's 3D printed Samurai Fender Logo $15.95 Shipped to Continental US/Canada only.

Freshen up your Samurai's graphic look! Sized to match the OEM Samurai Logo and printed in Red over black

Other colors - including Silver over Black - will be available soon!

Ack's 3D printed Dashboard Switch/Indicator Mounting Plate $15.95 Shipped to Continental US/Canada only.

Select color

It's a clever mounting piece that fits where the Samurai's fresh air vent louvers snap into place - you know, those four holes that seem to serve no purpose unless you have Air Conditioning in your truck...

This mounting device slides into the vent hole and wraps around the two louver nibs to hold it in place. It has a 2-inch diameter mounting face that is perfect for installing switches and indicators.

This unit comes in two versions:

Solid face material (100% fill!) allows drilling an machining on the mount's face to fit your needs.
Two inch (52mm) hole for mounting gages.

Available in Black, Orange and Red.

Ack's 3D printed Custom Suzuki 44mm Carburetor Cap $19.95 Shipped to Continental US/Canada only.

Select Color/Material

Add 10 horsepower of pure bling with this custom Suzuki-logoed 44mm carburetor top! Carefully adapted from a stock Screamin' Eagle carburetor top, this unit functionally matches the original unit. The mounting holes are slightly larger and the brass sleeve used on the throttle bracket screw hole has been deleted. These changes do not affect the proper seating of carburetor top to the carburetor itself.

Printed using colorFabb nGen Co-Polyester plastic in Black, Black with Red "S" logo, Orange, Orange with Black logo and in White Nylon.