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Latest News

Pages are born and die every day on the Internet. This "circle of life" results in broken links here at Ack's FAQ. Sometimes the pages are lost forever. Other times, useful information lingers in The Internet Archive's "WayBack Machine". When I find a dead link in the database and I am able to locate the page (or substantial parts of it) in the Internet Archive, I modify the database record to point to the "WayBack Machine" version of the page using the above icon in the search listing.

08-17-15: Have you ever struggled to find a complete mod article at ZukiWorld's Archive? The original Izook webmaster, Bill Johnston (billjohn in the forums) has a webpage containing the best of the Suzuki articles from! I have added a searchable link to the main page of BillJohn's website right here at Ack's FAQ. Use the searchword izook to find it. Searchable links to individual pages will be added as I find time.

05-16-15: Did you know that there is a special Media page at Ack's FAQ? It's True! Click here to access all kinds of cool videos including the just added ZookiMelt 2002 Documentary! Enjoy!

05-11-15(revised): Google Search has announced "Mobilegedden", an attempt to force all websites to create a mobile-friendly version or face getting a lowered Google search ranking. I have, until now, balked at this "Evil Plot to Somehow Bend Me Into The Lock-Step Conformity Forced On Me By Google".

I was wrong.

I have modified the Index and Search pages to make them easier to view with a mobile device. Other pages will be converted as time permits. This mod may also be the case with your desktop display, too!.

I apologise for my Reactionary additude on this particular topic and will try to better embrace change in the future...

03-1-15: The problem with finding H-and J-series engine information has been fixed! I have revised the database record that points to that information to make it easier to find.

Ack's FAQ is getting another facelift. This time the pages are getting a makeover to improve browser compatibility and ease of maintenance. You might occasionally come across a page that has not been converted. Be patient - I will get to them eventually.

Direct access to The Ack Show and other videos is now available via the Audio and Video Media link in the menu, above.