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03-16-14 Now on Youtube: The Ack Show!

It's Ack, It's a Show - It's the Ack Show! News and information about Suzuki offroading!

Search for "The Ack Show" (not The ACK show - that's a video series by three preteens...) to see the latest episode.

03-15-14 My hosting service is upgrading stuff...

There is a possiblity that the search engine will suddenly stop working in the coming days. this may be a result of an upgrade to the database server software that drives Ack's FAQ search engine.

While I will be montoring the situation on a daily basis, I may not catch the failure as fast as you, dear users.

If it happens during your visit, feel free to email me at

08-16-12 Ack's FAQ gets an updated look!

The local content pages here at Ack's FAQ are being updated with modern formatting scripts. The first pages to be updated will be all the pages containing .pdf files. A new navigation panel - located on the left edge of the screen in these new pages - allows you to start a new search or return to the home page. In addition, if you cannot "see" the .pdf file content, you'll find a link to the Adobe reader web page where you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader (formerly known as "Acrobat Reader"). Hopefully, this will help to make accessing .pdf documents an easy task for you, dear user!

10-03-10 Link Count: 835 That's Right: 835!

Ack's FAQ has added links to ALL of the webpages (except for the pdf documents) at!

That's right, now you can find stuff like rotary power or Mike Hagen as easy as typing in those bold-faced search string examples! The website is back better than ever and is searchable through Ack's FAQ! It is very important to know that Ack's FAQ does NOT host any of the pages -- it only offers the ability to easily find pages at

Ack's FAQ now has a Site Map!

Now you can manually search for links to pages at Ack's FAQ. Simply click on Site Map in the menu bar, above, to see a list of content existing in Ack's FAQ. This list is updated periodically and does not include links to other external websites found in the database. Your best bet at finding new stuff is through Search on the menu bar.

Ack's FAQ is now on a new server.

If you have any problems accessing this site, email me at

Ack's FAQ has a new Bulletins page!

Check out breaking news in the Suzuki 4x4 Offroading World there!

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- Jim "Ack" Cambron

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